Cherrytrees Montessori School : A Quality Early Years Setting
Cossington Park
In February 2019 we were approached by the management of Cossington Park house on behalf of the owner and asked if we would like to use the gardens and grounds on a regular basis. We were thrilled about this and now try to visit every week. The grounds extend to 22 acres and we have so far explored the formal gardens, the orchard, the fields and our own section of the huge vegetable garden. We will also be able to explore the woods. 

Although we already spend a lot of times outdoors, these visits are enriching and extending our outdoor learning. Children benefit from fresh air and exercise as they explore the freedom of larger and diverse spaces, explore first hand the wonders of the natural world, use their imagination, learn to work together and learn to respect and care for all living things from the tiniest insect to the tallest of trees.  They have planted a wild flower garden to attract insects, especially bees and we are planting lots of different vegetables to nurture, for example, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, broad beans, tomatoes, strawberries and runner beans. 
We will have picnics whenever possible during the year and parents will be welcome to join us and enjoy the spectacular and beautiful surroundings.